PODCAST: Marketplace Segment on Seasteading and Blueseed

Does Silicon Valley exhibit the qualities of an island? An outpost with its own rules? Or, insular and cut off from society? The popular radio show Marketplace recently covered this theme in a six minute segment connecting the vision of seasteading with recent developments in the Bay Area technology hub. The segment covers both Blueseed’s concept for an visa-free technology startup incubator, as well as the broader idea of seasteading as explained by the Institute’s executive director, Randolph Hencken. Far from seeking to insulate themselves, Randy notes, inhabitants of floating cities will be the kinds of people who want to do good things for humanity.

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The segment ends with a reference to an upcoming segment — now released — on Tim Draper’s “Six Californias” initiative, which aims to turn Silicon Valley into its own state (along with five other broadly aligned regions of the state). We are excited to see stories like this gaining more attention, and we expect to continue to advance the debate around alternative governance, and peaceful cooperation among competing jurisdictions.


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