The race is on. Here’s what’s next.

It’s amazing what you’ve helped us inspire. Seasteading companies are putting skin in the game, taking our first steps to free seas.

BUILDING: In the Philippines, ArkPad is waiting for high tide to launch their Stead Into the water. “Our goal is to Bring Life to the Ocean.”

FLOATING: In the US, Arktide has already hosted a party on their gorgeous Coquina. “The ocean is our future and we are building the path to it.”

GOING DEEP: In Panama, Ocean Builders have launched two models, and a third designed for deeper seas is well on the way. “Our technology will allow civilization to move onto the sea.”

There’s a lot more. We’ve inspired at least 11 seasteading enterprises all over the world.

But what about their legal status in international waters?

Critical to the success of seasteads is to develop the First Seastead Classification Society. This will empower The Seasteading Institute to partner with a private flagging registry to secure de facto self-governance for all seasteaders who do so safely.

There’s two ways you can help.

Your generosity has propelled us to 2024, the year we begin to secure the legal framework to live free on the sea. DONATE HERE.

Several maritime professionals are volunteering to help. Join them.

It has been a pleasure to serve this mission with you.