Active Projects

The following projects are making floating cities a reality. Their founders were inspired by The Seasteading Institute’s messaging and are committed to The Eight Great Moral Imperatives.


Arktide is an environmentally friendly Seasteading company that seeks to build affordable real estate on the seas. We are a contestant in the $100M Carbon Removal XPRIZE competition with a stated goal of removing over a gigatonne of carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere through natural ocean processes. We aim to create sustainable infrastructure which provides all of the basic needs for humanity, as well as allow ocean life to flourish.

Based in Florida, Arktide is actively developing new designs and modular structures for safety and affordability for individuals and businesses moving to the seas. With our ingenuity and initiative, we will expand the horizons of the Seasteading movement. Get in touch with Arktide on their website.

Ocean Builders

Follow the exciting story of Ocean Builders in our four-part documentary series, The First Seasteaders. Currently, Ocean Builders is comworking on version 2 of their single-family, affordable seastead, called the SeaPod. They are hosting an Incubator for

“entrepreneurs, aquapreneurs, technology enthusiasts, electronics hackers, marine biologists and other people that are passionate about developing new products and services that a city on the ocean would need.”

Atlantis Sea Colony

Atlantis Sea Colony is building modular, underwater habitats to serve as hotels, homes, and businesses. Their goal is to make access to and from any underwater dwelling as simple, safe, and dry, as visiting any other location in the world. Data-centers, energy production and storage, office space, food production, mining, scientific research, space research, these and many more can be done underwater, and in some instances, can be done better. 

FlexBase International

FlexBase International is a climate change adaptation company with roots in the Netherlands and Singapore. They are focused on building Very Large Floating Structures (VLFS) as a form of marine urbanization, an adaptation to rising sea levels. FlexBase is currently seeking investment. To join The Seasteading Institute’s co-founder Patri Friedman in investing in the firm, visit Patri Friedman’s Angellist Syndicate.

Ethos Island

We have developed an achievable 3-stage method that will place a Seastead in international waters within 10 years. Our strategy will allow people across the globe to attain affordable residency within the first human designed, oceangoing City-State.

Part One of our video series helps demonstrate how the spread of small, free, and independent new nations will significantly expand Human Liberty and bring about a far more enlightened world.

A muscular man stands on top of a globe which is floating in blue waves.

Atlas Island

Atlas Island is an international community of people who believe in freedom and individual sovereignty. This project focuses on a practical approach to achieving freedom rather than lofty claims of nationhood. It combines the concepts of Seasteading and free private cities into a realistic plan. If you believe in individual sovereignty and want to help make that a reality, please visit our website and sign up as a member!

Ventive Floathouse

“The Ventive Floathouse mission is to build permanent ocean communities for the masses, using modular structures designed to make ocean living safe, comfortable, and affordable.

“We’re building new types of floating-structures capable of flourishing at sea permanently, to organize them into floating communities and ultimately into independent cities in international waters.”

Freedom Haven

(Location To Be Announced)

Freedom Haven is an open-design, freedom-based seasteading micronation founded by Tony Olsen. 

Connect with the team on Facebook at Creating a Libertarian Seasteading Micronation.

One of the goals for Freedom Haven is to eventually qualify as a state under the Montevideo Convention. Requirements include:

The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications:

  • a permanent population
  • a defined territory
  • government
  • capacity to enter into relations with the other states

They plan to sell living space at $316/square-foot paid as a 5-year lease.

Ocean Freedom Nation

Ocean Freedom Nation uses modules of reinforced concrete to begin a floating settlement along the Vitoria-Trindade chain, 500 km from the Brazilian coast. Ltd is designing and soon building Single Family Seasteads. These will be mobile so their owner can choose which legal jurisdiction they are under. They will be solar/electric with lots of room for solar. They will be much more stable than a similar priced boat but much slower. will develop software to plan routes taking into account eddy currents.


ArkPad is a Southeast Asian Seasteading company focused on developing affordable oceanic real estate. We are actively developing designs for both coastal and deep sea habitation.

ArkPad is also actively seeking partnerships with coastal resorts in Southeast Asia and around the world, and will be helping to construct and manage new floating resorts,
floating residential areas, and floating commercial zones. Once these floating resorts have been built, ArkPad plans to allow anyone in the world to buy floating real estate through fractional ownership.

Past Projects

Floating Island Project in French Polynesia

In 2017, the Floating Island Project in French Polynesia gained a lot of momentum when The Seasteading Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of French Polynesia. Our partners in the seasteading community formed Blue Frontiers to develop the project.

During the election that year, a small minority of French Polynesians spread misinformation about the project to discredit the President, Édouard Fritch. Despite the apparent opposition, the President easily won re-election. The political fighting did cause the Floating Island Project to be postponed indefinitely. A major crash in cryptocurrency that year did not help. Remaining funds for the project were returned.

We at The Seasteading Institute certainly know how risky it is to place one’s hope in the political process. While this particular project was not completed, we gained many supporters and connections who are working on related seasteading projects in other locations. Blue Frontiers, in particular, has been in contact with other nations interested in special governance frameworks.

Blueseed, a cruise ship off the coast of San Francisco

Started by former employees of The Seasteading Institute, the “Googleplex of the sea” raised seed funding for a visa-free startup community and entrepreneurial incubator in international waters near the coast of Silicon Valley.