Active Projects

The following projects are making floating cities a reality. Their founders were inspired by The Seasteading Institute’s messaging and are committed to The Eight Great Moral Imperatives.

Ocean Builders

Colón, Panama

Follow the exciting story of Ocean Builders in our four-part documentary series, The First Seasteaders. Currently, Ocean Builders is comworking on version 2 of their single-family, affordable seastead, called the SeaPod. They are hosting an Incubator for

“entrepreneurs, aquapreneurs, technology enthusiasts, electronics hackers, marine biologists and other people that are passionate about developing new products and services that a city on the ocean would need.”

Atlas Island

Coastal Texas

The Atlas Island Project was formed by three Ambassadors, Will OteyMason Leschyna and Jan Spiekermann.

The first stage is to build a community of liberty-loving people from all over the world. Their community is based on the non-aggression principle and the idea of self-ownership. Free membership is available to anyone who accepts these core values.

(To learn about the 2nd and 3rd stages, click the button below.)

Ventive Floathouse

San Francisco

“The Ventive Floathouse mission is to build permanent ocean communities for the masses, using modular structures designed to make ocean living safe, comfortable, and affordable.

“We’re building new types of floating-structures capable of flourishing at sea permanently, to organize them into floating communities and ultimately into independent cities in international waters.”

Freedom Haven

(Location To Be Announced)

Freedom Haven is an open-design, freedom-based seasteading micronation founded by Tony Olsen. 

Connect with the team on Facebook at Creating a Libertarian Seasteading Micronation.

One of the goals for Freedom Haven is to eventually qualify as a state under the Montevideo Convention. Requirements include:

The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications:

  • a permanent population
  • a defined territory
  • government
  • capacity to enter into relations with the other states

They plan to sell living space at $316/square-foot paid as a 5-year lease.