What’s in Our Way?

an AI generated digital image of a large structure with a dome in the middle floats in calm waters. The sun sets over mountains on the horizon.

Obsolete regulations, that’s what. Creating the First Seasteading Classification Society will streamline the process and make seasteading in international waters accessible to anyone with the drive to do so.

Our Classification Society will cut the red tape and grant seasteaders legal standing to classify, insure, and legally flag their seasteads.

Who else is helping?

Ocean industry professionals are stepping up to the plate to volunteer. Experts are inspired to lend their time and professional expertise to the mission you support. They include a Naval Architect, Maritime Network Engineer, Civil Engineer, Marine Insurance Broker, Classification Surveyor, technical writer,  two technical illustrators, and a Maritime Corporate Development & Investment Advisor.

Their devotion has given me a lot more confidence in a realistic plan to make seasteading safe for nearly a dozen seasteading enterprises we’ve inspired so far.

How You Can Help

If you’d like to join our crack team of volunteers developing maritime rules for seasteads, join us here.

Please consider donating generously in 2024 to propel us to the new phase. The professionals we will hire will help us secure the legal framework for seasteaders to achieve liberty in our lifetime.