Geopolymer Concrete: The Stuff Seasteads Will Be Made of?

The day before I was going to speak at Libertopia, an engineer and writer named Michael Eliot came over and plunked a cube on the table in front of me.

“Geopolymer concrete. It should last hundreds or thousands of years in seawater.”Geopolymer Block

I was so excited I asked Michael Eliot to write up a report, and he delivered “The Case for Geopolymer Concrete in Seasteading,” which we’re proud to publish on our website. It’s such a fascinating read, I had to follow up with a podcast interview.

We think Michael Eliot’s paper and podcast will spark productive discussion on our new improved forum.  Mike is adept at answering questions at any level of understanding.

He writes, “I have quite a collection of source papers and references by now, the best of which may be the US Airforce investigation of geopolymer concrete for their own use. If you have any questions about claims made please don’t hesitate to ask. I will update you with results of the ocean-endurance tests in the months to come.”

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For Seasteading,
Joe Quirk, Seavangelist

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