Joe Quirk

New Research Paper on Seastead Flag

TSI research reveals how seasteads fit within the requirements of the major international maritime conventions that most flagging countries have ratified. Meeting the described specifications will help seasteads find a home on flag registers without forcing them to meet standards designed for large voyaging ships engaged in transport, fishing, or other resource extraction processes.

Seasteader Certification Adventure March 31 to April 6

The first single-family affordable seastead is floating in international waters, and it’s time to start learning from the new Masters. Chad, Nadia and Rudy are eager to teach you the basic skills to seastead in their neighborhood, like sailing, diving, and tying knots.

Seastead Video Game, Jeff Bezos & Contest

The new trailer for one of the most popular video games in the world climaxes with a seastead while the narrator calls for solutions to global challenges. It features a Polynesian voyaging canoe and what looks like a replica of our partner Blue21’s Floating Pavilion.