Joe Quirk

The Inside Story of Floating Islands in French Polynesia

Seasteading is accelerating. News reports can’t keep up and frankly don’t have a clue. Want the real story? Want to know who, why, and how? Meet some of the leading seasteaders making it happen. It’s even more exciting than you think. Joe Quirk is solely responsible for this video’s content, especially the crazy stuff at […]

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Podcast: Michael Strong – How Seasteading Will Enrich the Poor

  Is the Startup Societies movement “the most Progressive movement on the planet“? It is if Progressivism’s moral imperative is to eliminate poverty on earth. Michael Strong, humanitarian author and education entrepreneur, explains to Joe Quirk why he served on the original Seasteading Institute Board of Directors to accelerate the means by which people create […]

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How Seasteading Will Restore the Environment

Did you know Buckminster Fuller designed a floating city for 5000 people in 1967?  Lyndon Johnson loved it and had the model installed in his White House. Guess why it never happened? In honor of our partnership with Clean Tech Open, Joe Quirk was invited to speak at Autodesk about how Seasteads could be an […]

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Conference Talks – Marc Collins, Neil Davies, Serge Planes

This series of talks features the Tahitian visionary who saw it all in his mind before he made it happen. Business leader, serial entrepreneur, and former Minister of Tourism Marc W. Collins explains why he felt it was vital that he spearhead seasteading in the Pacific. Note the humility and thankfulness that characterizes Polynesian leaders. […]

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Podcast: Lotta Moberg – The Political Economy of Special Economic Zones

I wouldn’t understand the power of seasteading if I didn’t understand the power of Special Economic Zones. What are those? Let’s ask the expert.     Lotta Moberg has written several academic papers on Special Economic Zones, as well as this essay in The Daily Caller I mention in our conversation. She recently published an applauded book, The Political Economy […]

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How Cities Will Save the Rainforest With Floating Production!

Guest Blog by Rutger De Graaf-van Dinther, founder of DeltaSync and Waterpioneer at Blue21 which will be building our Floating Islands in French Polynesia.  Rutger’s scientific vision is featured in the seasteading book.   At Blue21 we have published research results after years of study on the BlueRevolution. It shows the potential of floating developments for coastal cities and it was recently published in the Journal […]

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