Joe Quirk

Ambassador Podcast – Vote with Your Boat

In this inaugural, experimental podcast episode, seasteading lead ambassador Katie Chowne speaks with former ambassador coordinator Charlie Deist from aboard a small sailboat in the Berkeley Marina on election day 2018. Katie didn’t vote yesterday (she can’t – she’s Canadian), and while Charlie did, he feels deeply conflicted about his choice to spend 15 minutes […]

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BBC Launches “Newtopias”: Seasteading Most-Watched Video Short!

Does humanity's future lie out at sea?

This 3-minute seasteading video, which sums up technologies described by aquapreneurs in the book, is still the most-viewed on BBC’s “Newtopias”. Please share this with friends and colleagues. Does humanity’s future lie out at sea? The second-most watched is “What Would Life Be Like Without a State?” This is the state-subsidized BBC funded primarily by a television […]

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Blue Frontiers: An Independent For-Profit Seasteading Venture

  Please be sure not to confuse the roles of The Seasteading Institute and Blue Frontiers. Blue Frontiers is an independent company, distinct from The Seasteading Institute. The Seasteading Institute is a small nonprofit promoting the idea of seasteading around the globe. Blue Frontiers is a startup company that will build the first seastead in […]

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