A Constitution for a Seastead?

Do you theorize about the laws that will govern seasteads? We invite you to share your insights on Discord, Telegram, or Reddit.

Several legal scholars have designed what they consider to be the best possible legal system and solicited The Seasteading Institute to instantiate their vision on a floating city.

One of the more completely developed systems is called Las Portadas, and its author John Frederic Kosanke seeks input and guidance from legal scholars and and theorists.

Kosanke, author of Instead of Politics: (Civilization 101), has conceived a fully privatized system of justice dubbed RTR “Restitution Transfer and Recoupment,” developed a legal framework for Aquia – a sovereign free nation to encompass a variety of seasteads – revised Spencer MacCallum’s master lease (originally commissioned for Stiefel’s Atlantis) to be used for multiple tenant seasteads and oceangoing vessels underwritten by Las Portadas, penned a Declaration of Autonomy for lease or transfer of title to territories and aquatories from existing nation states, and detailed a CitSOP (citizen stock ownership plan) for the buyout of existing countries by their citizens – originally for Doug Casey’s plan for Aristide’s Haiti. Will Las Portadas work? We have no idea. Patri Friedman wrote, “Seasteading is not about imposing specific policies; it’s about resetting the parameters of progress. We want to enable many groups of social entrepreneurs to create many new societies, each of which creates laws in a different way.” Join the discussion about what kind of societies we would like to see at sea. John says, “I welcome comments and suggestions on the Seasteading wiki’s discussion pages for all of the linked articles. Typographical edits can be made directly on the wiki, and suggested wording and comments can be made on the respective discussion pages. I am looking forward to a fruitful `constitutional convention’.” Thanks in advance for your help. Joe Quirk, Seavangelist
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