Enterprise Cities with Shanker Singham

Respect for property rights
Predictable laws
Open unrestricted trade

Suppose through careful investigation you discovered that these are the key elements that allow societies to prosper. How do you embody these values in an actual legal structure?

More complicated yet, how do you insert such a legal structures into a larger more powerful legal structure that may have different ideas? How do you render these jurisdictions secure to convince investors it’s safe to build and hire there?

You can bet this process requires a specialist.

Shanker Singham works to create Enterprise Cities, zones with regulatory autonomy from their host governments. He brings decades of experience to his role as Managing Director of the Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project at Babson Global, where he works with entrepreneurs and government officials to establish the pre-conditions required for developing cities to flourish.

He thinks such cities can change the world.  We’d like to make some float.

What drives him? Why does he care so much?  Let’s hear what Shanker has to say about forging the legal frameworks for free Enterprise Cities.

Joe Quirk,

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2 thoughts on “Enterprise Cities with Shanker Singham”

  1. Mission 1: Development of enterprise cities

    “Support the establishment of zones with autonomous regulatory systems, managed by public-private partnerships.”

    May I suggest his point be revised to:

    “Support the establishment of zones with autonomous regulatory systems, managed independently, for the mutual benefit of host and city.”

    Public-private management partnerships are always toxic.

  2. I would agree with you. This has happened in the US with corporations. I would also suggest on having laws on how people get elected. -Vote of the people, not electoral -budget on canadetes and parties -where these parties can advertise -how are officials allowed to act, just stuff that would get them kicked out of office put in plain English.

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