Casting Call: TV Series Seeks Seasteaders

Your dream to leave land behind and experience a new life at sea is now a possibility.
The Seasteading Institute is consulting with a new unscripted television series for a major cable network. The show is seeking a variety of experts and survivalists ready to create a new community on the ocean while building, engineering, and rehabbing residential quarters. If you have what it takes to survive challenging weather and sea conditions, if you have a yearning desire to experiment with ocean-based technologies, if you can bring a skill set that will add to the sea-villages development, then this is an opportunity for you.

If interested, email  and please CC: by March 1, 2015 with:

  • Your name and age
  • A brief bio about your interest in seasteading and why you’d like to participate in the program
  • The skills you could bring to this new society (survival, engineering, scientific, homesteading, environmental, etc.)
  • A clear photograph
  • Any video links or Youtube channels you may have