Volunteers needed for Classification Rules Development

We are working on drafting Classification Society Rules and Standards which is the first step to making it possible to create a category for seasteads in flagging registries. The Rules and Standards will become a baseline tool for seasteaders. Learn more about why Classification is an exciting new phase for The Seasteading Institute.

We have a project lead, but we need volunteers to help. We will ask volunteers to participate in regular Zoom meetings so that the project can keep moving forward.

There are three volunteer “jobs” to be filled (no limit to the number of people in each job):

  • Writer: Flesh out draft copying exemplary rules and standards, manage the paragraph numbering system in the document. Someone with technical writing experience would be ideal.
  • Programmer: Create a change log for the classification society rules, something similar to tracking changes to software code.
  • Engineer or technician: Review Rules and Standards, apply common sense to our changes for seastead vessels.