What about Pirates?

So once we build seasteads…what about pirates?

Well, oil rigs and cruise ships are safe from pirates, and seasteads will be, too. There’s a flourishing industry of private security firms protecting thousands of ships on the ocean right now. They are far better equipped than pirates, and pirates have never boarded a ship with a private security team.

On top of that, less than 2% of the world’s oceans are even considered piracy waters. If crime in Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, and Indonesia doesn’t make us fear all land everywhere, why should piracy in their waters make us fear all oceans everywhere?

Consider French Polynesia. It controls a maritime zone the size of Western Europe, and no piracy attempt has ever been recorded in its waters.

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Created by Joe Quirk and Jackson Sullivan


“The deployment of Armed Private Security Companies onboard the commercial ships was a huge departure from a maritime norm of the past 100 years (no military-style firearms onboard commercial ships) and a real game changer in warding off pirates. As evidence of the impact of this measure, not a single ship with an armed security team onboard has been successfully hijacked off the coast of Somalia.”

Maritime Securuty: An Introduction Michael McNicholas 2016 Business & Economics, pg 346

“While having such a security team on board does not necessarily forestall attacks, at the time of writing no ship carrying armed security personnel had been successfully hijacked.”

Navigating Straits: Challenges for International Law David D Caron, Nilufer Oral 2104 Law, pg. 291

“No terrorist act has ever been recorded in Tahiti and Her Islands. No piracy act has ever occurred in the French Polynesian maritime zone. A large sailing community lives around the islands year round with their boats moored in the lagoon. No specific alert or precautionary measures have been notified in this matter by the French Homeland Ministry or by the Foreign Affairs Services of western countries.”


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