New Song: Steading Out to Sea

Check out this new Seasteading song titled Steading Out to Sea by SirRiffsAlot on Soundcloud. Share with friends. If you download and re-mix it, please credit SirRiffsAlot, add link back and a note: “This song is registered under a Creative Commons license.”

It’s gonna happen You watch

We are graced by rascals Who know what the future holds The emperor has no clothes On a land where cities float

Our land has been taken and Stripped bare naked Plastered with asphalt And buildings, mistaken As symbols of cultures, Crap-hauled by vultures Flattered into chains By irons of gold

Oh, how it will be When a citizen can flee On a platform at sea Detatch, and float away To wherever you wanna be Hope I’ll live to see that day When I may find may way On a platform at sea Detatched, away To wherever I wanna be

When rulers are dated It’s time to change pace and Face that technologies, then, were Written with ink and pen By people who didn’t know then It later may happen We’d be driving in cars And texting from mars

A better world by force Is a better world gone worse A dead man is of no use Lest he had the power to choose

Written, recorded and produced by SirRiffsAlot.