Tough Questions Answered

Seasteading! Why Startup Societies?

In this video, Joe McKinney of the Startup Societies Foundation explains on the Tom Woods Show why he is ready to stop arguing in the political arena and start building new communities that set examples for good governance.

Seasteading! Seas Too Rough?

Sometimes people from the Navy and from oil rigs in the North Sea say Seasteaders are naïve. But environments on the sea are as diverse as environments on land. Just as the continents feature the Himalayas and the Sahara, the oceans feature the North Sea and the tropics.

Seasteading! What about Regulations?

Regulations are the rules by which a society is organized. The least intrusive regulations provide a process for resolving conflicts between individuals and organizations. More intrusive regulations govern the economic and moral activity of individuals and organizations.

Seasteading! Tax Havens for the Rich?

The United States was founded as a tax haven. The British Empire tried to impose taxes by force, but a small group of colonists thought they could do a better job governing themselves. The United States became a haven for people dissatisfied with everything the old governments did poorly.

Seasteading! What did the first seastead achieve?

The dawn of the age of Seasteading began on February 2, 2019, when Ocean Builders achieved an engineering feat and an environmental feat. First they proved a single-family seastead can float stably in international waters for less than the cost of the average American home.