Welcome Liz Lacy as Director of Development!

I am excited to announce that Liz Lacy is joining The Seasteading Institute as Director of Development.  Liz has worked at several non-profits in roles such as preparing Annual Reports, writing grant requests, and coordinating volunteers.  She brings some much-needed non-profit experience and adds valuable diversity to our set of political viewpoints.

As Director of Development, Liz will be tasked with growing the organization in many directions.  This includes establishing / growing / running a formal membership program, increasing website membership and usage, identifying and applying for grants, establishing chapters in more cities, running fundraising events, recruiting and rewarding volunteers, public outreach, and whatever else we can do to grow the community and raise funds to fulfill our mission.  With an additional staff member, we can all look forward to more rapid progress in 2009.

Here is her www.seasteading.org user profile, and you can reach her at .


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