Reminder: Second Life Social on Wednesday

From our Second Life wiki page:


As an experiment, we are going to replace the in-person December 2008 social with a SL event on Wednesday December 17th at 7PM GMT, which is 8PM for most of Europe and 11AM PST. This will be at Jesrad’s area: South East corner of the region Everlite.

Patri will give a talk using Second Life’s voice chat functionality. This should be enabled by default in the Second Life client, if it is not it can easily be enabled by ticking the corresponding checkbox in the client’s preferences (menu Edit: Preferences, or Ctrl-P). When Voice is enabled, the corresponding icon tool should display in the bottom right corner of the viewer window with a Speech button (for press-to-talk) and a volume control.

Note that Second Life has a steep learning curve. We only recommend attendance for current SL users, and those who are willing to put in some time before the social learning SL – otherwise you may find it frustrating. The software can be downloaded for free here but requires registering an account to use with the main virtual world. 

If you are an SL user, come check it out!  If not, consider downloading the free client and going through the tutorial before the social.  The seasteading community is scattered across the world, so virtual meetups could be very useful for us.



4 thoughts on “Reminder: Second Life Social on Wednesday”

  1.  Hmm: the teleport function consistently fails. No leads as for the reason why: a general search reveals it to be a common problem, without a common solution. Anyone?

  2. One thing you can do is quit, then launch again the viewer using a secondlife://Region/X/Y/Z/ URL. This will log you directly into the target region.

    You can check on known issues of the main grid being resolved here.

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