TSI September 2010 Newsletter

The Seasteading Institute September 2010 Newsletter

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    • FDA Halts Stem Cell Research – Trouble For America, But A Good Case For Seasteading
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    • TSI Welcomes Its New Director of Engineering, George Petrie
  • Sponsor Profile: Kresten Buch, Sink or Swim Sponsor

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    • Help TSI find an Oceanography Researcher – up to $500 referral bonus
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1 thought on “TSI September 2010 Newsletter”

  1. In this case the FDA is shutting down a lab working with Adult stem cells. The kind of stem cells all the opponants of embryonic stem cells, vatican included, support whole heartedly. We warned that this would happen when Obama got in.

    People in the USA keep confusing adult stem cell work with embryonic stem cell work. Your the only nation in the world where the common man in the street doesn’t know the difference. Embryonic stem cell work has not yet produced a single cure. It produces cancers. It can not work the embryo is programmed to grow into another being not spare parts.

    All the cures come from adult stem cell work and they are not formally banned in any country including the USA. Their designed to be spare parts. Because the embryonic stem cell fanatics have prevented the FDA from using the differentiated terminology everyone else uses, adult stem cell cures are restricted and slowed but not banned at the presidential level. Now the FDA is shutting down a working cure in order to force funding for the non working embryonic cell line work.
    Bush never banned adult stem cell work; its the kill-to-cure industry lobbyists that are spreading that lie and blocking it through ethics committees, funding control and law suits. And now blocking it via the FDA. 

    We desperately need a sea stead. If it does adult stem cell work you may be shocked to find that the Vatican is the first to recognise the floating state.

    For everyone’s information I was involved with the original Oceania Project in a small way. I’m also in several space organisations. And I have a Degree in sustainable Development, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, water and sewerage.

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