Judges Selected for The Seasteading Institute’s Sink or Swim Business Plan Contest

The Seasteading Institute selects eight heavy-weight judges to ruthlessly evaluate contest entries for its sea-based business plan contest.

Business superstars, intellectual juggernauts, silicon valley’s top brass, and tomorrow’s venture capitalists to determine who sinks, swims, and who merely floats in the Sink or Swim business plan contest.

The Seasteading Institute, whose mission is to help establish startup countries in international waters, has selected a panel of eight leading entrepreneurs, VCs and academics to judge business plans submitted to it’s business plan competition “Sink or Swim”. Judges include Arnold Kling of EconLog, Jim Rutt, Chairman of the Santa Fe Institute, Joe Lonsdale CEO of Addepar, co-founder of Palantir Technologies, and The Seasteading Institute board member, Brian Singerman of Founder’s Fund, serial entrepreneur John Chisholm, and Mohammed Saeme CEO of Saemed.

“Sink or Swim” entrants will craft 5-15 page business plans to make millions by applying their entrepreneurial creativity to best use a seastead’s competitive advantages. Rough drafts are due Oct 8th for initial feedback, while final plans are due Dec 5th. Our panel of experienced judges will ruthlessly evaluate the entries on qualities such as financial feasibility, public relations impact, and analysis quality. Winning entrepreneurs will receive fabulous cash prizes by year’s end, will be invited to join the Commercial Seasteading Network, and given a chance to attend the first Seasteading Business Summit to mingle with VCs and serial startup pros.

This contest is critical to the seasteading mission because commercial seasteads will themselves “Sink or Swim” based on the businesses located onboard. Can they turn a profit using ocean resources and business-friendly regulations despite the challenges of the ocean, and without drawing the ire of regulators on land? This contest will bring us a big step closer to knowing the answer.

For more information on the Sink or Swim 2010 business plan contest, including rules and how to enter, click here, or contact us at for any questions.

John Chisholm
Software Entrepreneur, Futurist

Jim Rutt
Chair Santa Fe Institute, Former CEO Network Solutions

Dr. Mohammed Saeme
Founder & CEO Saemed, International Medical Tourism & Maritime Health

Joe Lonsdale
CEO Addepar, Co-Founder Palantir Technologies

Dr. Arnold Kling
Economist, Entrepreneur, Blogger

Patri Friedman
Exec Director & Founder of The Seasteading Institute

Brian Singerman
Principle at Founders Fund, Developer of igoogle

Max Marty
Head of Commercial Seasteading, MBA UM

About The Seasteading Institute: The Seasteading Institute is a non-profit research institute based in Sunnyvale, CA. The Seasteading Institute’s mission is to establish permanent, autonomous ocean communities to enable experimentation and innovation with diverse social, political and legal systems.


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