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Newsletter, November 2011

Greetings Friends of The Seasteading Institute,

As protests spread across the USA, Congress approval ratings hit all-time lows, and the European Union contemplates dissolution, interest in seasteading is higher than ever. There’s never been a greater need for an alternative to today’s inadequate governments.

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Newsletter, October 2011

Over the last several weeks we’ve enjoyed an explosion of new newsletter subscribers — welcome to our hundreds of new readers! The Seasteading Institute is dedicated to creating diverse, innovative societies on the ocean.

The Seasteading Institute July 2011 Newsletter

Our vision for seasteading is to improve government through competition, and my personal talents lie in seeing possibilities and starting initiatives. Many groups and organizations in the past have tried their hand at the audacious task of creating innovative societies, and I saw the possibility for seasteading to powerfully advance this idea with our unique approach…

The Seasteading Institute April/May 2011 Newsletter

At times it may seem as if seasteading is still years into the future. It’s good to keep in mind that, with each passing day, we’re getting closer and closer to the day seasteading becomes a reality. Lest we lose momentum, it is also worth reminding ourselves that, as Executive Director Patri Friedman says, “Seasteading is epic!”

The Seasteading Institute March 2011 Newsletter

It is with great delight that I pen my first newsletter to the supporters and friends of The Seasteading Institute. At the beginning of February I joined the team as the first ever Director of Communication. When I applied for the position I knew I was on the verge of a life changing and world changing opportunity.

TSI September 2010 Newsletter

In the World: FDA Halts Stem Cell Research – Trouble For America, But A Good Case For Seasteading

What’s New at The Seasteading Institute: TSI Welcomes Its New Director of Engineering, George Petrie

The Seasteading Institute July 2010 Newsletter

SI News: State Of The Floating Micro-Nation Movement: Patri’s Mid-Year Update Sign up for the 2011 Reason Cruise

In the World: The BP Oil Spill – A Political Engineering Problem Solved by Seasteading

Call to Action: Know of a foundation that could benefit TSI? Help us reach our goal of $250k by 12/31