There is another way!

Today, America goes to the polls.  Whoever wins, we will not be ruled by a tyrannical despot.  Whoever wins, we will not die by the millions of starvation. Whoever wins, there will not be widespread violence, or a civil war.  Democracy is a huge advance over previous systems – it is very good at minimizing bloodshed.


5 thoughts on “There is another way!”

  1. I’m going to assume by “planned community” that you mean a “private (planned) community” where the community is built largely with private funds, e.g., a business developing a housing tract, also known as a “gated community”.  That’s much closer to a free system since people choose their community’s policies by choosing to join or leave.  I would call that a “private community” for clarity.  I think I’ve heard them called “private planned communities”.

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