Conference DVDs are available!

The DVD’s for the first Seasteading Conference are here! Couldn’t attend the conference? Now is your chance to see what you missed! The two volume set includes footage from all of the sessions:

Keynote slides from Seasteading08 are up

I finally got the slides from my Vision/Paths keynote uploaded (was having problems w/ my DSL for awhile).  Thanks to Sean Lynch for getting them to me.  They are in PPTX format (some kind of XML PowerPoint open format), and they are 350MB, which won’t open on older computers.  The Presenter Notes sections contain the rough text of the talk, so make sure to display those.  With those caveats:

Post-conference updates: brainstorming sessions, blog posts

I have captured the group brainstorming sessions by taking pictures of each sheet (not uploaded yet), and creating Google Docs.  Anyone is welcome to edit the doc, just comment here or email for editing privileges:

Conference Flyer

Volunteers Helen Lein (designer) and Chris Rasch (conference organizer) made us this great flyer (PDF). We’ll be postering parts of Stanford and UC Berkeley with it, and of course y’all should feel free to post it anywhere in real or virtual space. The image links to a larger PDF.

Conference Wiki Signup

I made a wiki signup page for the conference (October 10th in Burlingame, CA, USA).  So far it’s just me on there, so please add yourselves :).  Also, we could use a couple more people to help organize and run the conference, if you are interested please email .