Conference DVDs are available!

The DVD’s for the first Seasteading Conference are here! Couldn’t attend the conference? Now is your chance to see what you missed! The two volume set includes footage from all of the sessions:

DVD Disc 1 cover

Disc 1 (on Google Video):

  • Keynote from Patri Friedman
  • First Group Session
  • Engineering w/Alexia Aubalt
  • Seasteading in the Bay w/Patri
  • Business Ideas Group Session
  • DIY Seasteads with Wayne
  • DIY Seasteads with Vince

Disc 2 (on Google Video):

  • Ephemerisle w/Patri Friedman
  • Ephemerisle Goals Discussion
  • Legal Issues – Chris Rasch
  • TSI – Getting Involved
  • Conference Closing Discussion

Note that the DVD’s feature the speakers only, not the slide presentations.  You can get all the slides at the TSI Seasteading08 page.  The two disc set costs $25.00 and can be ordered here.  You will need to add both discs to your cart before placing your order. If you have any questions, please email .


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