Engineering talk

The talk I held at the 2009 Seasteading conference is up! Thanks everyone who was there, for the interesting discussions we have had afterwards.

Some comments on the then and now: I unfortunately no longer have the confidence in this concept I had back then, for the reasons explained below:


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The Seasteading Institute November 2009 Newsletter

### The Seasteading Institute November 2009 Newsletter ###

### Table of Contents ###

* Highlights
* The Poseidon Project: Building the World’s First Independent Seastead by 2015
* Conference Recap
* Ephemerisle Recap
* Hiring – Three positions

* Poseidon Project
* Platform
* Commercial
* Residential
* Fundraising

* Awareness & Community
* Membership Program
* Events
* Media
* Book

### Highlights

#### The Poseidon Project: Building the World’s First Independent Seastead by 2015

At the Seasteading 2009 Conference, we were excited to un

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Poll on holding a 2010 Seasteading Conference on a cruise ship

Terry Floyd gave an unconference presentation at Seasteading09 about the possibility of holding a conference on a cruise ship. This could replace or supplement our 2010 Conference (for example, it could be in a different region like Europe, Asia, or the US Eastern Seaboard). Terry created a survey which many conference attendees have filled out, and we’d like to get y’alls responses as well.

[Fill Out The Survey Here](

BTW, videos from the conference should start appearing this week or next!

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Final Reminder: Second Annual Seasteading Conference & First-Ever Ephemerisle Festival!

We’d like to remind everyone of our upcoming [Second Annual Conference]( and [First-Ever Ephemerisle Festival](, where the far-flung seasteading community will gather in person to explore the theory and practice of seasteading.

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Conference & Ephemerisle Updates

The [first Ephemerisle Newsletter]( can be found over at [the Ephemerisle blog](, and here’s our first conference update:

### Deadlines Approaching

The deadline for [early registration for the conference]( is September 13th, at which point rates will increase.

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Conference Registration is Open!

[Registration is open](, with some great speakers, including Peter Thiel (PayPal founder and philanthropist), Paul Romer (Stanford professor behind charter cities), David Friedman (Santa Clara professor and well-known political theorist), Erwin Strauss (author of “How To Start Your Own Country”), Sean Hastings (founder & CEO of HavenCo on SeaLand) and others. See [the press release]( for more details.

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