Seasteaders at Anarchapulco

A few weeks ago, The Seasteading Institute team traveled to Acapulco to mix with liberty-loving free-thinkers at the 5th Annual Anarchapulco conference.

Engineering talk

The talk I held at the 2009 Seasteading conference is up! Thanks everyone who was there, for the interesting discussions we have had afterwards.

Some comments on the then and now: I unfortunately no longer have the confidence in this concept I had back then, for the reasons explained below:


The Seasteading Institute November 2009 Newsletter

At the Seasteading 2009 Conference, we were excited to unveil our new medium-term strategy, which we’ve dubbed The Poseidon Project. By 2015, TSI will create an independent seasteading community as the seed for the world’s first ocean city-state.

Poll on holding a 2010 Seasteading Conference on a cruise ship

Terry Floyd gave an unconference presentation at Seasteading09 about the possibility of holding a conference on a cruise ship. This could replace or supplement our 2010 Conference (for example, it could be in a different region like Europe, Asia, or the US Eastern Seaboard). Terry created a survey which many conference attendees have filled out, and we’d like to get y’alls responses as well.

Fill Out The Survey Here

BTW, videos from the conference should start appearing this week or next!