Why flag? Pirates and anarchy!

Joe Quirk’s presentation at the Liberty in our Lifetime Conference, hosted by Free Cities Foundation.

In his entertaining presentation for the Liberty in Our Lifetime conference, Joe Quirk explores the connections between classical liberal values, the historical evolution of governance at sea, and seasteading.

He makes a compelling argument that we can look to the organic evolution of ocean governance for working models of classical liberal values in action. The principles that took shape at sea over centuries are highly relevant to those seeking new decentralized alternatives today.

To make his case, Joe tells the untold stories of ancient Greece, the Italian Renaissance, the Golden Age of Pirates, America’s founding fathers, the decentralized emergence of modern maritime conventions, and the anarchic means by which disputes are resolved at sea– all in 20 minutes!

When he’s finished, the surprised audience calls him back to the stage to answer questions.

This talk is why we need your help to classify and flag seasteads ASAP.

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