Seasteaders at Anarchapulco

A few weeks ago, The Seasteading Institute team traveled to Acapulco to mix with liberty-loving free-thinkers at the 5th Annual Anarchapulco conference.

Joe Quirk announced the first single-family seastead in international waters on the mainstage.

Joe’s presentation included videos from our new documentary series called The First Seasteaders. Episode 1: Facing the Storm premieres tonight at 6:30PM Pacific on YouTube.

After his presentation, we hosted a workshop called “Create Your Own Seastead.” About 35 people attended, forming groups to design their own seastead communities.

Once the groups got comfortable and were feeling proud of themselves, we had them draw Black Swan cards with scenarios that seasteaders might face. For example, what if pirates steal your property? How will you react to refugees asking to come join your seastead?  (People who arrived late were dubbed refugees.)

Joe was interviewed on many podcasts, including Free Talk Live. You can listen to that interview starting at 82:50 here:

Overall we had a great time chatting with everyone at Anarchapulco and expect some great collaborations to come out of it.

Maybe we’ll see you next year!