Suggest and vote on key sections for the book revision

One of my major projects during the summer and fall of this year will be getting the seasteading book in shape for publication (initially via POD). I have a giant pile of links and ideas about little sections to write – there is an arbitrary amount of nuance, fun speculation, and neat technologies that could go into the book. But I don’t have time, and even if I did the final result would be hugely bloated. So I need to start by 80/20ing the book – nuance and fun can be added later.

I want your help. We’ve already done a poll on Seasteading Book Chapters to add, although you can still vote on it if you’d like. Now it’s time for sections. The idea is to come up with a list of the aspects of seasteading which must be described in a section. In other words “If you don’t cover ___, I won’t be convinced / the book won’t be complete.” Not just the things you’d like considered or covered some day, but things so important that the book should not be released without them.

Ideally, don’t suggest sections which are already in the book. But if you haven’t read the book and aren’t sure, I’d rather you suggested what you think is critical rather than suggesting nothing.

Here is the list

Note: After clicking your Yays and Boos, you have to click Submit Votes at the bottom of the page to submit. After making half a dozen of these lists, I just realized this – I hope I’m the only stupid one and we haven’t been missing lots of votes b/c of this.

Thanks for your help!


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