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Well, the Discovery Channel show was pretty disappointing, they only used 5 seconds of the hour+ they filmed of me, although some ideas from the book were featured. I will restrict my comments here to saying that I do not favor many elements of their floating city design. The Reason Magazine article, on the other hand, is excellent! Mainstream vs. niche media? TV vs. print? Who knows. But we will not be posting a video of the Discovery Channel cameo, you should just go read the Reason article instead.


4 thoughts on “Media update”

  1. And the silver lining in this cloud is, (although presented at 1am EST), should this program be run again at a more reasonable hour it will have your name and title along with your 4.8 secs on sustainability on what I would consider national tv. Might be just enough for people that think the idea is interesting to check us out. Personally, I think that it was worth while, even if they did cut out most of what you said, after all did you have to pay to get that spot?




  2. 4.8 seconds is better than nothing, certainly. I’m disappointed b/c I talked about a lot of other things that seem a lot more relevant than some of what they did include, so it feels like it would have been a win/win for them to use more. We did not pay them anything.

  3. I think Discovery in general tries to stay away from politics and ideology and focus on science and technology. Perhaps they felt that a lot of whatever you talked about was too sensitive and decided against using it for this reason. This is pure speculation of course as I don’t have clue about what you said. But as a general rule perhaps it is clever to tailor the message to suit the recipient, particularly when it comes to big mainstream media.

    Or maybe they just require a certain quota of cool-looking “megastructures” in every frame in order for the footage to be deemed  broadcast-worthy…

  4. Well, a whole lot of people became aware of the concept of comfortable, floating cities. The show also really stressed the engineering feasibility of the endeavor. So any way you look at it, I think the show was a win for TSI and seasteading in general.

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