Seasteading 2009 Conference – Final Newsletter

Final Program & Brochure Completed!

James and our amazing volunteer Cheryl Cline were at the office past midnight on Monday and back to work early Tuesday morning to finish the final conference program. You can see the speaker schedule at the right, which you can [download as a PDF](, and we also have [the full 16-page color program PDF]( with bios, speaker pictures, venue and logistical information, volunteer listings and much more! ### Opening Reception As a reminder, Peter Thiel will be hosting the Monday Night opening cocktail reception. For those unable to make the main conference, tickets for this are currently available for $100 via the [conference registration page](, but it is almost full. Those of you attending this reception will need his address, which is: (REDACTED – EMAIL ONLY) ### Member’s Dinner Cruise: Everybody Look At Us ‘Cause We’re Sailing On A Boat! We are pleased to report that the open board meeting will take place on the docked ferryboat Santa Rosa. Most excitingly, the member’s dinner will be straight flowing on a boat – the California Hornblower, pictured at right. The member’s dinner is open to all members whether or not you attend the rest of the conference, so if you want your arms spread wide on the starboard bow, [join us at the conference](, or email to register for the dinner only. Note that we only have 30 slots left, and this may fill! (The dinner is free for Octopus members and above, $50 for Seahorse & Jellyfish members. A Jellyfish membership is $25, so non-members can join and attend for $75 total.) ### Conference Registration & Referrals As you can see from the schedule, reception, and Member’s Cruise, our conference is going to be an intense, exciting experience with an amazing community of people working on seasteading, from visionary thinkers to nuts-and-bolts engineers. If you haven’t registered yet, [do so now](! We need to get headcounts to our venues by Friday, so we’d appreciate it if you would register by then, but you can also register on-site at the event. We are still offering referral bonuses – help the conference grow, and help your pocketbook at the same time! For each new attendee you refer, we will discount (or refund) $50 of your admission fee for regular attendees, and $25 for student attendees. There is no cap on this – refer enough people and we will pay you to attend the conference! We’ve been doing PR work, but personal invitations are much more powerful, so please spread the word among people you think might be excited to attend! We’ve added a “Who referred you?” field in the registration flow, so just have them put your name there and we’ll get you your cash. If you’re promoting the conference, feel free to use this [one-page flyer]( that Cheryl made. ### Unconference Update We have a more-than-full slate of unconference talks, so please [go cast your votes to determine which ones get slots](! Those with less than 15min to say or who don’t get their talk proposal together in time can still sign up on-site to give 5-minute lightning talks. You can also [still submit talks](, but be warned it may be tough for them to get enough votes to make the final program. ### Volunteers Still Needed Most roles are filled (y’all rock!), but we still need a few: #### Slide Master Tuesday, Mediterranean Room (b) 10:30 – 12 The Slide Master will help keep track of who is speaking next and load their slide deck, alert the current speaker when there are 3 minutes, 1 minute and 0 minutes left to speak, and will be the person that the speaker checks in with 10-15 minutes before their talk. You will be in frequent communication with the Speaker Wrangler. #### Speaker Transport We need 1 -2 volunteers with valid insurance and valid CA driver’s license to volunteer to pick up and drop off a speaker at the airport. * Monday, 2:20 pm SFO pick up and transport to Cathedral Hill Hotel * Thursday, 11 a.m. from Cathedral Hill Hotel to SFO #### Set-Up Starfish We’d like some people to help set up, and take down. The Hotel will set up the registration table and chairs. This would mostly be banners, and object placement etc. And to help us take down and pack up anything Wednesday at immediately after the conference. * Tuesday morning 7:30 a.m. * Wednesday afternoon 3:30 p.m. #### Foto Fish Anyone that wants to volunteer to take pictures of the event is welcome to. We ask that you send us a link to wherever you post your pictures and tag them with **tsi2009**, and it would be super swell if they were creative commons! ### Ephemerisle Reminder Registrations for [Ephemerisle]( continue to stream in daily, and there is lots of info in the [Ephemerisle Newsletter: Issue 5](, including a panoramic video of the final site, with punchy “I hardly got any sleep” narration from Patri: The site can be found at GPS Location [38.035777,-121.471478](,-121.471478&sll=38.036431,-121.471195&sspn=0.008856,0.01796&ie=UTF8&ll=38.036245,-121.471195&spn=0.008856,0.01796&t=k&z=16). There’s also the first [Ephemerisle theme camp: Apocaisle](, pictures of new grants and updates on old ones, a great [wiki page from Jeff Chan about rental houseboats](, and Matt Bell’s [article on how to build a floating camp platform for 2 for $120](, so [check out the newsletter]( for more details!

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