Coming soon! Season 3 of the Seasteading Today podcast

The next season of the Seasteading Today podcast will begin on July 16, starting with a conversation with Dr. Mary Ruwart, author of Death by Regulation. Dr. Ruwart makes the argument that the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations have added dramatic costs to drug development without improving the safety and effectiveness of drugs available to patients. She has calculated that the FDA has shaved five years off the lives of Americans. 

In Season 3, we also discuss how to make a seastead community safe with Commander Dale Brown of the Detroit Management Center. We review lessons learned from the Floating Island Project with Nathalie Mezza-Garcia; and learn about starting a seasteading business with Grant Romundt of Ocean Builders, Tony Olsen of Freedom Haven, and Michael Eliot of Ventive Floathouse.

You won’t want to miss this awesome season of podcasts!

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