Container Ship Community with Tony Olsen

Freedom Haven is an open-design, freedom-based seasteading micronation founded by Tony Olsen. 

Tony was inspired to launch Freedom Haven while researching the Tiny Home movement and using shipping containers to build new kinds of homes. He started planning a crowd-funding project to build a seastead micronation on a structure modeled after a container ship.

You can connect with Tony’s team on Facebook, nearly 300 people interested in building seasteads at Creating a Libertarian Seasteading Micronation.

He describes some of the decision-making processes for a dispersed group of visionaries, tackling design problems and the rules they want to have in place for their micronation.

Freedom Haven has a Constitution and Tony explains why it was important to establish the laws and rules for their community before it has been physically built. They wanted to avoid a “might makes right” tradition. They had discussions on what constitutes force and how much control each individual in the seastead will have.

Tony explains why one of the goals for Freedom Haven is to eventually qualify as a state under the Montevideo Convention. Requirements include:

  • The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications:
    • a permanent population;
    • a defined territory;
    • government; and
    • capacity to enter into relations with the other states.

They plan to sell living space at $316/square-foot paid as a 5-year lease.

Tony mentions plans to take a scale model of his platform to Ephermerisle in 2021.

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