Security and Safety for New Floating Communities with Dale Brown

Commander Dale Brown of Threat Management Centers in Detroit began training people on Detroit’s east side to protect their families and businesses from violent drug gangs in 1994. His organization specializes in nonviolent strategies and tactics designed to create a nonviolent outcome.

This interview was recorded in February of 2020, before the death of George Floyd in police custody ignited protests around the nation. You can listen to Dale Brown comment on the culture of policing on the The Liam McCollum Show, “Ep. 23 Commander Dale Brown on His Private and Non-Violent Solution to Reduce Violent Crime”

In this interview Dale Brown explains how his training system incorporates psychology, law, and tactics to create non-adversarial interactions to produce nonviolent outcomes. He has trained his private security teams, members of the public and police officers. 

Our natural instincts are to use violence when we feel fear, so Dale teaches his clients to understand body language and psychology to overcome fear to de-escalate a situation.

Brown applies experience managing security in private communities and Michigan marinas to explain how to identify threats to safety in a seasteading community. He recommends that we manage threats to safety and comfort (like fear of water and noise level expectations), and then create a community culture that embodies the overall objective of the community.

He answers the common questions like, how to protect seasteads from pirates? How do you make sure each seastead home is as safe as possible?

He describes how a seasteading community can create multiple levels of protection.

Check out Detroit Management Center on YouTube, to watch police testimonials on using their methods to prevent injuring someone.

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