Startup Seasteading Business with Grant Romundt

Grant Romundt is the CEO of Ocean Builders, the company that built the first affordable, single-family seastead off the coast of Thailand. You can follow the story of the couple, Chad and Nadia, who lived on the first seastead home, in our documentary series called The First Seasteaders. Ocean Builders is now building their new floating home design, the SeaPod, in Panama.

This interview took place at the Anarchapulco conference.

Grant talks about Freedom Ship, a project to build a mile-long ship.

Grant also talks about Panama’s Friendly Nations VISA:

“As a response to the growing popularity of Panama among expats and digital nomads, the Panamanian government launched the Panama-Friendly Nations Visa program in 2012 to expedite the immigration process leading to citizenship and attract foreign investment to the country.”

How To Get A Panama Friendly Nations Visa
Grant says in this interview that he’s designing something that he wants to live in. Pictured above is a rendering of the luxurious bathroom in Ocean Builders’ SeaPod.

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