Robert Ballard & 3D-Printed FLIPsteads

Robert Ballard, oceanographer
Robert Ballard quote

Why haven’t seasteads been built yet?

Robert Ballard, famous oceanographer who discovered the RMS Titanic, reminds us every time we talk to him that the technology for stability on the high seas is the RV FLIP, which has been repeatedly deployed on the high seas since 1962.


What’s with the 54-year delay? Why, asks Bob, did we walk on the moon almost a half century ago, but we haven’t built FLIP-like homes on the sea?

The answer is simple.  It’s still too expensive for a middle-class family.

Our former Managing Director at the Seasteading Institute, Chris Muglia, an experienced seaman, set out to solve that problem. He developed a business plan to radically lower the cost of constructing FLIP-like structures using 3D-printing technology.

Is Chris crazy?  I decided to put him on the spot.

I got Chris on the phone with Bob, turned on the recorder, then challenged him to pitch his idea for 3D-printed seasteads to the world’s most famous oceanographer. Bob famously told astronaut Buzz Aldrin he was full of baloney on National Geographic TV. If Bob isn’t afraid to tell Buzz Aldrin what he really thinks, he’ll tell Chris Muglia.

I think you’ll be amazed by the results of their conversation.

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For a future of liberation at sea,

Joe Quirk, Seavangelist


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