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How does a Naval Officer become an advocate of voluntary market solutions?

This Free Cities Podcast starts with Anthony Caprio – a former Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy – interviewing Joe Quirk, then the roles switch and Joe interviews him. Anthony tells harrowing stories about minesweeping for the navy. Joe talks about aquapreneurs currently working to develop 3D-printed upside-down seascrapers.

As a former engineering officer, Anthony asks: How will seasteads deal with waves? What materials will seasteads be made of? What industries could pay for the cost of seasteads? Can seasteads provide better healthcare for the US? What about the developing world?

Anthony Caprio, besides his former role in the Navy, has been a headmaster of a private grade school, and a project manager for a large electrical power generation company. He’s a writer for The Daily Anarchist and, author of several articles including “Maritime Defense.”

Anthony grew up on a cattle ranch, narrates audiobooks, and is a 3D printer hobbyist. He and his wife are raising three amazing kids.

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