Lotta Moberg – The Political Economy of Special Economic Zones

I wouldn’t understand the power of seasteading if I didn’t understand the power of Special Economic Zones. What are those? Let’s ask the expert.

Lotta Moberg has written several academic papers on Special Economic Zones, as well as this essay in The Daily Caller I mention in our conversation.

She recently published an applauded book, The Political Economy of Special Economic Zones: Concentrating Economic Development (Support us by using these affiliate link).

Click that link to read first-rate reviews from Michael C. Munger, Tyler Cowen, and Mark Frazier. Donald Boudreaux called “excellent, by far the best single analysis that I’ve read on Special Economic Zones” and Thomas Farole, Lead Economist at the World Bank Group wrote that “it will become a foundational piece in the still-nascent SEZ literature.”

Let’s find out what all the fuss is about, and why it matters to seasteading.

Lotta Moberg has a PhD in economics from George Mason University. She’s originally from Sweden, where she studied economics as an undergrad. Before college she worked for the Swedish defense forces in Kosovo and for the Foreign Ministry in Russia. Today she works on a global macro investment team in Chicago.

She is also the Director of Economics at Refugee Cities.