Conference Talks – Jacques Rougerie, Pauline Sillinger, Chien Ming Wang


If there was ever any doubt that seasteading has become a worldwide movement, our next three talks put those doubts to rest.

Here we see a beautiful cross-section of just how diverse our global movement has become, attracting outspoken supporters spanning the entire globe.

A passionate Tahitian ecologist, a Chinese-Australian engineering professor and an world-famous French architect.

Different cultures, different languages, different time-zones.

Talk about a global village!

Jacques Rougerie Architect, Member of Institut De France Living on the Sea

“The floating islands are a reality for tomorrow and a common good for humanity…It is essential to alert, to awaken, to educate and to transmit the values of the blue society to the youngest…The floating city of Seasteading could be the floating city of the peoples of the ocean and be an example for future city constructions on the sea…

“It is the Polynesians who will engage our planet towards the sustainable blue society for the future of humanity…It is my deep conviction that we must, with Seasteading, at the global level, give them more breadth and breath, so that the young architects and engineers may work on these major challenges of tomorrow with new paradigms.”


Pauline Sillinger Ecological Design and Sustainable Development Specialist Using Nature’s Guidelines as a Basis for Design
“Do not overlook the power of beauty. I really believe that beauty is one of the most important things that is going to inspire people to change the world…In his opening speech Randy Hencken clearly stated and committed that the design of the Floating Island Project in French Polynesia be elegant and beautifully designed. So my recommendation is that the Floating Island Project be bio-inspired, that it follows natures guidelines. The second advice is that The Seasteading Institute learn from Polynesian traditional knowledge and mix it with their science. This way, we’re going to create a future that is inclusive of all forms of knowledge, that is organic, and that is probably way more beautiful…”
Chien Ming Wang Professor of Civil Engineering at University of Queensland, Australia Very Large Floating Structure Technology for Space Creation on the Sea

“You will attract millions of people to come visit you…You can create something magical for the world. Think big. Think bold…

“I am so proud to see seasteading leading the way to form the world’s first floating city. I’m excited. I want to say that it’s not a dream. It can become a reality…

“The world’s map will be very different and 50 years time. New countries will be formed in the ocean.”