Engineering Research Interns Wanted

With the start of the Spring semester upon us, The Seasteading Institute is seeking student participation through academic research projects and internships. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with an exciting, world-changing movement, while gaining knowledge and honing skills that can assist future engineering careers. Interested students, professors, faculty and advisors should contact .

Our five-year engineering research plan includes several projects suitable for student internships, research projects, or group research projects. Investigations include:

Renewable Energy Conversion Technology • Consider any of the following sources of energy: Solar, Wind, Waves, Tides, Current, Algal biofuel, OTEC or others • Assess present technology, applicability, scalability and cost ($/kw and $/kWh) • Quantify changes in efficiency in relation to weather, location, season, time of day and other environmental variables

Energy Storage Technology • Evaluate size, weight, cost and efficiency of the various battery technologies: Lead-acid (gel-cell), Nickel-zinc, Lithium-ion, Lithium-polymer or others • Using battery storage as a baseline, consider the following alternative technologies: Pumped hydro, Compressed air, Hydrogen, Anhydrous ammonia or others • Identify best options for various storage requirements and energy demand scenarios

Research on Large Floating Structures • Strength criteria, fabrication, transportation, installation, and station-keeping • Maintenance and operation

Research on Large, Deep-water Floating Breakwater/Wave-power Generator

Modularity and Scalability • Single Platform – Modular deck house design; potential limits on vessel/platform size • Connected Platforms – Assess techniques for joining individual platforms (similar to MOB) • Multiple Platforms – Alternative methods to move people and goods between platforms

Please pass this information on to any motivated, forward-thinking students you know!


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  1. Hi, there, civil engineering student, here. I was wondering if you’ve already developed solutions for water supplies and wastewater treatment? Even better, though less likely, I was wondering if you had any transport system that you’ve already planned to implement? These are things that would be great to focus my honours topic on.



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