Voice & Exit event launches Indiegogo campaign

Several members of the seasteading community recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to support the Voice & Exit event in Austin, TX, to be held on Saturday, March 9, 2013 (in parallel with the SXSW interactive conference). The event is designed to bring people together in celebration of big ideas, social entrepreneurship and radical community formation. Speakers will include Max Marty, CEO of the seasteading startup Blueseed, along with Institute board member Michael Strong, Reason Magazine Senior Editor Jacob Sullum, and many more. Each of the speakers will highlight a different vision for using innovative social technologies and persuasion, rather than coercive institutions, to move toward more collaborative communities.

From the campaign homepage:

We know that people are individuals with unique visions to share. But forming community means finding common values. Within a diverse range of communities, individuals will be able to seek out environments they believe best contribute to their thriving. In a world with so many different possible forms of association, everyone will need both the right to voice her opinion and the right to exit if a community isn’t working for her. So we ask: What if humanity placed higher value on the rights of voice and exit? What would the world look like? We think it would be a world of continuous innovation – a world in which people “criticize by creating.” This is what Voice & Exit is all about.

Those who are interested can contribute to the inaugural event, or contact the campaign organizers at .


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