Seasteading Article Hits #1 on Gizmodo Japan

On New Year’s Eve, Gizmodo Japan published an article about seasteading which has become the #1 most popular story on the tech news website. We think this bodes well for the continuing rise in the international recognition of our burgeoning movement in 2013. While previous stories on seasteading have been published in Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, India, and several other foreign countries, this was the first major mention to appear in a Japanese outlet, as far as we’re aware. The article, which still tops the site’s Popular Articles Index, has already received 902 likes, 2,000 shares, and 1,000 tweets.

Seasteading supporter Ian Erickson generously provided an English translation of the article:

Unhappy with the government? Well then make one yourself! Former Google employee establishing countries on artificial islands

Is the day near when an easy-to-live-in utopia for geeks can be achieved?

Milton Friedman won the Nobel Prize in economics. His grandson, the former Google engineer Patri Friedman, along with his colleagues, is actively soliciting donations to establish new countries.

Originally starting from discussions among friends dissatisfied by politics, it has become a project to create their own ideal place. Launching artificial islands in international waters where national powers do not reach, they will enact their own independent laws and constitutions. The concept is detailed on their website. Starting by floating a boat near the San Francisco coast, they plan to begin by constructing a facility where engineers who do not hold a visa can live. The beginning of 2014 is the apparent target. We look forward to seeing just what kind of utopia they will achieve.



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