Design Contest Winners!

We have finished judging our first 3-D design competition, and can now present the winners. We had a great level of participation, with 41 entries being submitted. More importantly, the quality of the entries was generally very impressive and the competition was very close, as several of the winners won by the smallest margin possible. Participants succeeded indeed in capturing the pioneering spirit of seasteading and expressing a vibrant, lively feeling through beautiful architecture!

We look forward to using these amazing designs in upcoming promotional materials to convey to people the exciting potential of this new way of life.

Our heartfelt congratulations to the winners! You can view them by clicking below, or go to the gallery (including runner-ups).



2 thoughts on “Design Contest Winners!”

  1.  I like Anthony Ling’s one best. It doesnt try to make seasteading into some polished resort, but captures the realities and possibilities of the ocean, and makes it into something beautiful.

    No idealization can beat reality in terms of beauty.

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