The Seasteading Institute Announces The Winners Of The Seastead Design Contest

The Seasteading Institute has crowned the winners in its first Seasteading Architectural Design Contest. The Contest, which ran from February 1st to May 1st, invited participants to design the floating city of their dreams. The winning design was awarded a $1000 grand prize, and there were four additional $250 prizes for specific categories.

Seasteads are permanent, stationary structures specifically designed for long-term ocean living. Entrants into the contest were provided with a 3-D model of TSI’s patent-pending base platform, on which they built creative architectural designs for a new society of ocean pioneers. The specifics of the design, aesthetics, and intended use were entirely up to each designer.

Entrants ranged from amateur 3D designers to professional architects and architecture students. 41 qualified designs were entered, including sports arenas, medical facilities, universities, hotels, and residences. The designs were judged by a panel of TSI staff, volunteers and board members.

The Winning Designs:

  • $1,000 Grand Prize: The Swimming City — András Gyõrfi  (Runner Up: Seagull Hotel — Matias Perez)
  • $250 Prize for Aesthetic Design: SESU Seastead — Marko Järvela  (Runner Up: Entwined Dragon Seastead — Patrick Kenny)
  • $250 Prize for Personality: Rendering Freedom — Anthony Ling  (Runner Up:The Arch — Rory O’Hagan)
  • $250 Prize for Best Picture: Oasis of The Sea — Emerson Stepp (Runner Up: La Gallerie de la Mer — Hakeem Bux)
  • $250 Prize for Community Choice: Refusion — Team 3DA (Runner Up: Micro City Community — Ettore Mele)
Overall Winner Best Picture Category Winner Aesthetics Category Winner Personality Category Winner Community Choice Category Winner

Winners will receive a cash prize, along with free admission to the 2nd annual Seasteading conference, a free membership with TSI, and a commemorative piece of merchandise with their design on it.

The wealth of creative talent that was brought to bear for this contest has provided TSI with a wonderful vision for the future of seasteading. “I am awed by the creativity and effort put into these entries, which portray a compelling and beautiful vision of a new way of life.” says Executive Director Patri Friedman.  “Before something can be built it must be imagined and expressed, and these imaginative models express the possibilities for seasteading.”

Full details on the contest winners and pictures of the winning designs can be viewed on the TSI website at:

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