Conference Talks – Neil Davies, Serge Planes

We treat you to two world-class marine biologists, Serge Planes and Neil Davies, who take us into the wonderful world of coral as we explore how seasteads can live in harmony with marine life— and even help it thrive.

Neil Davies Director of UC Berkeley Gump Station, MooreaPolynesia FIRST – Floating Infrastructure Research and Development
“We heard yesterday [French] President Macron invited American climate scientists to come to France. I have news for you, Mr. President. We’re already here… “This project matches perfectly with French Polynesia’s research and innovation framework. So it’s a very good fit. And you can see a lot of potential for collaboration between the local organizations and The Seasteading Institute… “This is really the hope for sustainable development for the planet.”  
Serge Planes Director of the CRIOBE (CNRS – EPHE -UPVD)Coral Reefs and Seasteading
“The overall coral reef of the world? Not than much. Actually .2% of the ocean. But by conserving .2% of the ocean, you’re preserving 30% of the biodiversity of the ocean… “We may receive funding for a large mobile platform with a full laboratory which we can transport to any place on the reef…From that platform we can investigate for any amount of time…
“I am interested in seasteading…because it requires innovation in how to make the system self-sufficient, to take care of energy, waste, and everything we need, to continue doing research on site.”