Blueseed’s Win Win Win Proposal

Economists often refer to voluntary trade between parties as “mutually beneficial,” or to use a more common expression, trade represents a “Win Win,” because the parties would only consent to a deal if they both believed it would make them better off. Blueseed, which hopes to enable new mutually beneficial business relationships between U.S.

Recap of Last Night’s Bay Area Seasteading Meetup

Last night, another lively seasteading event was held at The Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub and Restaurant, located just a quick walk from the Millbrae BART/CalTrain station. Eating, drinking, socializing and seasteading-related discussion are staples at every meetup, but each one is made unique by the formal and informal presentation topics and, of course, the people in attendance.

Time to Act: November 22, Bay area meetup with keynote speech from Blueseed

Time to Act: November meetup with Keynote speech from Blueseed

Join us for an evening of exciting talks, brainstorming and socializing with some of the most interesting people in the seasteading movement. Our October meetup brought in a lot of enthusiastic people and has shown there is a great deal of interest in result-oriented activities. So, over the coming months we’d like to showcase some of the most interesting and practical developments in seasteading.


Colbert Lampoons Seasteading, Gets it Backwards

Last night, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert had some fun with seasteading in a segment titled “Colbert Platinum – Wealth Under Siege.” We’re still chuckling at the 7 minute-long clip, which pokes fun at the often misreported notion that Thiel and The Seasteading Institute are trying to create “libertarian islands,” which could serve as havens for the rich in the event that the Occupy Wall Street slogan “Eat the Rich!” ever takes ho