Time to Act: November 22, Bay area meetup with keynote speech from Blueseed

Time to Act: November meetup with Keynote speech from Blueseed

Join us for an evening of exciting talks, brainstorming and socializing with some of the most interesting people in the seasteading movement. Our October meetup brought in a lot of enthusiastic people and has shown there is a great deal of interest in result-oriented activities. So, over the coming months we’d like to showcase some of the most interesting and practical developments in seasteading.


6pm – Networking, socializing (you can also order food/drinks)

7:30pm – Introductions 

7:45pm – Showcasing Community participation framework for Seasteading 

8pm – Keynote by Dan Dascalescu, CIO of Blueseed, one of the first companies attempting to capitalize on seasteading by providing a visa-free offshore technology incubator

8:30pm – Q&A/open discussion

9pm – Wrap-up and informal networking


Location and date

Let’s get together at Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub and Restaurant, on Tuesday, November 22nd. The pub is centrally located and within walking distance of the Millbrae BART/Caltrain stations in Millbrae, California. The back room has been reserved for us to chat, eat and drink.


Meetup points

What to bring to the meeting:

 – Questions

 – Enthusiasm, open mind

 – Seasteading ideas/concepts

 – Business cards

What to do during the meeting:

 – mingle with all the other attendees

 – ask questions

 – brainstorm ideas

Leave the meeting with:

 – New contacts

 – Great ideas

 – Answers, results, plan of action 

We all look forward to another great and productive meetup! Seasteading provides a great opportunity to try new concepts, innovate and create new ideas, business models, even societies in a free and unobstructed environment. Please join us (and bring a friend!) at a feast of imagination, ideas and enthusiasm with a community of thinkers, visionaries, tinkerers and like-minded individuals. 



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