Catching up with Mitchell Suchner of ArkPad

For our new season of the Seasteading Today Podcast, we are doing something a little different. We have been hosting monthly Seasteading Social events for a couple years with a guest speaker to talk about their work that is related to seasteading. This year, we moved those events to the TSI Discord Server and are recording them for this podcast. Unfortunately, the audio quality of these first two episodes is a little rough, but the conversations are inspiring, so I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway! Future episodes will have much cleaner audio.

In January of 2023, we talked with Mitchell Suchner, founder of ArkPad, about building structures in the Philippines and their business strategy. Mitchell explains that the design for their structure has completely changed, to honor his commitment to build modular structures that can be used as legos. He has also split ArkPad from ArkTide and set up shop in the Philippines because of the availability of workers and Freeports, a lot of tourism. They will start with marketing the ArkPad structures to hotels and resorts near shallow water.

ArkPad is also using blockchain technology to finance the building of ArkPad structures. Mitchell explains his passion for using blockchain to decentralize power and ownership to allow more people to invest in floating real estate.

See pictures of the ArkPad design on the #ArkPad channel of our Discord server.

Audio editing by Lyka Sherylle Mae Rambac.