Comprehensive Seasteading with Arktide

In this episode of the Seasteading Today podcast, our host Carly Jackson talks with the team at Arktide. Ben Silone is the CEO and Co-Founder; Mike Doty is an Advisor and Co-founder; and Mitchell Suchner is the Chief Operating Officer.

Arktide is working to build floating 1076 square foot platforms for residential, tourism, and business. They are also competing in the Carbon Removal Xprize, using OTEC technology and aquaculture to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The Arktide structure is a flat, square, platform, engineered to handle five meter waves, which means it is ready for both coastal waters and the deep ocean. Their goal is for an all around unit that has broad application. The prototype platform is 32ft by 32ft, and up to 10ft above the water; and will start with a small home on top. These platforms can be joined together to create acres of space, and large structures, communities, and cities. 

In this interview, we also discuss how blockchain technology can be used to track ownership and leasing of space on the floating platforms.  Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are popular at the moment for digital art, but they can also be used to record ownership of an asset, in the same way a title records ownership of a house or car. Blockchain technology can also be used in smart contracts, or DAOs, similar to a Home Owners’ Association governing documents.

**Update** At the time of the recording, the plan was to allow people to stake their Solar tokens in exchange for ARKT. While Arktide will implement blockchain technology in the future, it will likely look different than described on the podcast. Also note that a number of design changes have occurred to allow for greater flexibility in the type and style of structures used on these platforms.

Read the transcript of this interview here.