Catching up with Ben Silone of ArkTide

Season 5 of the Seasteading Today Podcast will be a little different. Our monthly Seasteading Social events have been hosted on Zoom and posted on YouTube for a couple years. Each Social featuresh a guest speaker to talk about their work that is related to seasteading. This year, we moved those events to the TSI Discord Server and are recording them for this podcast. Unfortunately, the audio quality of these first two episodes is a little rough, but the conversations are inspiring, so I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway! Future episodes will have much cleaner audio.

In January 2023, we talked with Ben Silone, CEO and Co-founder of Arktide, about the Domestead project. Why is Puerto Rico an ideal place to start a Seastead company?  Why did they change the design from a single-family structure to a 100-meter dome?  We take questions from the audience. Ben explains how minerals available in seawater can potentially be used in 3D printing. Ben invites seasteaders to move to Puerto Rico to help with supervising and publicizing the build of their platform. Ben’s goal is to allow a group of 10 people to be able to buy a platform.

See pictures of the Arktide design on the # Arktide channel of our Discord server.

Audio editing by Jie Flowers.

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