A summary of “Seaweed : Food For A Changing Climate.”

Seaweed growing up from the ocean floor

Seasteading Ambassador John McCone has a lot to say about the decline of land-based agriculture. He also has a lot of hope for seaweed cultivation and turning to the ocean for a plentiful, safe, and sustainable source for the food needs of society. His article on JohnMcCone.com is a quick read, but somehow he manages to pack it with relevant factual information that is sure to offer the data that will provide you with new insights.

He writes that global hunger was in a downward trend until 2014. Ever since, food insecurity has been on the rise. He cites a UN report that says the estimated increase in 2020 equaled that of the previous five years combined. John McCone points to war in the Ukraine, droughts in the USA, floods in Pakistan, and more as contributing factors. He declares that relying on the existing food production system could result in mass starvation and describes the chaos that could result in a society struggling for the essentials of life.

The solution, John informs us, is at sea in the form of seaweed cultivation. At sea, food production will not be impacted by climate change the way it will be on land. We can grow all the food we need and mine minerals. For more information about turning to the sea to create food abundance, click here to read the article on John’s website.