American Public Media Spotlights Blueseed

Max Marty, the Institute’s former Director of Business Strategy, has kept busy since founding and becoming CEO of Blueseed, the first for-profit seasteading venture to be spun off from our nonprofit movement-building organization. Recently, American Public Media interviewed Marty to find out why he has his eyes set on Half Moon Bay, the sleepy unincorporated community 25 miles south of San Francisco.

“Half Moon Bay happens to be connected to Silicon Valley, which is the most fantastic – one might say magical – places in the world to create a startup,” said Marty, referencing the city harbor’s strategic location as the gateway to the global hub of technology companies. But under present immigration laws, this magical valley of innovation has been limited to those fortunate enough to have U.S. citizenship, or receive sponsorship under highly restrictive visa programs. Blueseed aims to broaden access for foreign startup founders and entrepreneurs with an open-immigration live/work space, located aboard a cruise ship – beyond territorial waters, but just a short, scenic ferry ride to land.

Marty, speaking at the Seasteading Conference 2012.

Marty also provides an update on the venture’s fundraising progress, noting a $9 million investor pledge towards the next funding round.


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