Charter or Purchase Seasteader 1, 235-foot Passenger Ship

While we are in continued negotiations with a group interested in chartering the Institute’s 235-foot, four deck ship, Seasteader I, we are still accepting offers from other parties interested in chartering or purchasing her. The ship is seaworthy, in good working condition, can accommodate up to 800 passengers and 100 crew, and is currently located in Fort Pierce, FL. Additional information can be found here, or by email at .

2 thoughts on “Charter or Purchase Seasteader 1, 235-foot Passenger Ship”

  1. This is really great! I’ve not been aware of any kind of seagoing ship of this caliber. Can the passengers and crew be self sustaining, or will they have to regularly stock up on food? Farming on a ship is fascinating to me.

  2. David,

    In case you’re still curious, the buyer/charterer would be responsible for presenting a solution for sustaining the population.

    This page has more details on what the institute is offering, and what it seeks from bidders.

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