Adam Carolla Becomes a Seasteader Live During Interview with Joe Quirk

“Joe, I like you, because we’re simpatico on this whole part about competition…I don’t know why we think people, the government, or anyone is going to do the right thing without the incentive and the competition…This whole seasteading thing, man, that just takes it to a whole new strata. That is just absolutely amazing. I love that—I love that—I just love that idea. The book is going to be published in about a year.”

The Adam Carolla Show won the Guinness book of World Records most downloaded podcast. Comedian, entrepreneur, and author Adam Carolla converted to seasteading live on his show. Adam got so excited about competitive governance on the oceans during his interview with me he skipped the news section.

How to Fail to Turn Adam Carolla into a Seasteader.

44:00: Polite discussion about algae and blue technologies.

How to Turn Adam Carolla into a Seasteader.

1:00:52: I accuse Adam Carolla of plagiarizing Robert Ballard, the discoverer of the RMS Titanic.

1:02:10: Adam Carolla brings up Waterworld, a sore point for seasteaders.

1:02:33: I call Adam and Bryan “old fucks.”

1:02:25: Adam realizes seasteading will be like the TV show The Love Boat, which is not a sore point for seasteaders.

1:02:51: Quirkstradamus predicts the ocean future.

1:03:30: Adam Carolla’s conversion moment.

1:03:59: Adam Carolla rants about competitive governance in the film industry using the metaphor of floating feces.

1:06:00: Adam Carolla makes sexy sound as seasteading slides into his soul.

1:06:56: Adam Carolla, author of President Me, promises a dinghy in every garage and a squid in every pot.

And the best part? If President Carolla fails in his duties as President of Carollastead, we can always leave.


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